2016 Annual Meeting

17th Annual Meeting Poster Gallery

April 13 - 16, 2016 Dallas, TX

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352The Impact of Molecular Subtype on Breast Cancer Recurrence in Young Women Treated With Contemporary Adjuvant TherapyHanan Alabdulkareem
259Breast Cancer Staging and Presentation in HIV-Positive Patients: A Multi-Institutional Retrospective ReviewCassandra Baker
346Could Ductoscopy be Used to Identify Breast Cancer in Patients With Pathologic Nipple Discharge?Fatih Levent Balci
149Mammary Tuberculosis : Clinical Presentation, Treatment & Outcome of 50 Cases .Razia Bano
392Patient-Reported Satisfaction Following Oncoplastic Breast Conserving TherapyAmy Bazzarelli
364Comparison of MammaPrint and BluePrint Genetic Signatures in Pre- and Post-Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Treated Breast CancerPeter Beitsch
421Clinicopathological Characteristics of Nipple Discharge Associated Breast CancerNeslihan Cabioglu
209Tumor Board Review Impacts NCCN Guideline Concordance for Breast Cancer PatientsJamie Caughran
423 Impact of the Timing of Diagnosis of Genetic Mutation on the Choice of Surgical Procedure in BRCA1/BRCA2 Mutation Carriers With Breast CancerAkiko Chiba
292Oncologic Safety of Nipple Sparing Mastectomy in Women With Breast CancerSuzanne Coopey
290‘Establishing a New Normal’: A Qualitative Exploration of Women’s Body Image after MastectomyAndrea Covelli
405Comparison of Breast Volumes Excised through Bracketed Radioactive Seed versus Bracketed Wire LocalizationMonica DaSilva
303Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? Comparison of Patient Satisfaction using the BREAST-Q and Surgeon Rated Aesthetic Outcome in Autologous Breast ReconstructionTanya DeLyzer
329The Impact of Body Mass Index on the Prognostic Power of Circulating Tumor Cells and Pathologic Complete Response following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast CancerOluwadamilola Fayanju
228Successful Ultrasound-Guided Segmental Mastectomy and Excisional Biopsy Using Hydrogel-Encapsulated Clip Localization as an Alternative to Wire LocalizationLori Gentile
371Barriers to Genetic Testing in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients: Where Can We Improve?Laura Hafertepen
419Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Identifying an Unacceptable Time to TreatmentMeghan Hansen
286Margin Consensus Guideline Effect on Re-excision Rates, Conversion to Mastectomy and Specimen VolumesSamantha Heidrich
306Radiographically Guided Shave Margins May Reduce Lumpectomy Re-excision rates: A Single Surgeon Experience.Priya Jadeja
424Post-Traumatic Stress and Fear of Progression Symptoms in Breast Cancer Patients Comparing Stage, The Use of Adjuvant Chemotherapy, and Breast ConservationJessica Johnson
395Does MRI Deliver the Goods in Women With DCIS?John Kennedy
394Rational Use of MRI in Clinical Stage 2 Breast CancerJohn Kennedy
324Preserving Sexual Function in Breast Cancer Survivorship: Does Surgical Modality Matter?Rebecca Kwait
214Do Women Aim to Please? Partner Satisfaction as a Driver of Surgical Decision Making in Breast Cancer Treatment.Rebecca Kwait
372Toxicity Symptoms and Local Recurrence are Low in Breast Cancer Patients Treated With External Beam Accelerated Partial Breast IrradiationAlexandra Kyrillos
269Implementing the Prospective Surveillance Model of Rehabilitation (PSM) for Breast Cancer Patients With 1-Year Post-Operative Follow Up, A Prospective Observational Study.Lisa Lai
302When, Where, and How: Timing, Pattern, and Diagnosis of Metastatic Recurrence in Young Women < 40 years With Breast CancerKelsey Larson
215Prediction of Surgical Upgrade Rate of Breast Atypia to Malignancy: An Academic Center’s Experience and Validation of a Predictive ModelAli Linsk
154The Cost of Accuracy: A Budget Impact Analysis of Whole-Mount Histopathology Processing for Patients With Breast Cancer Undergoing Breast Conservation.Nicole Look Hong
266Early Complications After Oncoplastic ReductionAnne Mattingly
430Does Body Mass Index Affect the Accuracy of Preoperative Clinical Axillary Nodal Assessment in Breast Cancer Patients?Damian McCartan
347Are the Current Screening Guidelines Appropriate for All Populations? A Review of Breast Cancer Incidence in an Urban, Minority PopulationChristopher McGreevy
288Outcomes Disparities for Invasive Breast Cancer in Southeast Rural Communities May Be Related to Delays in TreatmentJames McLoughlin
271Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy in Women With T4 Locally Advanced Breast CancerBrittany Murphy
229Use of Intraoperative Frozen Section Analysis in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ for Detecting Upstaging to Invasive DiseaseBrittany Murphy
182Locoregional Recurrence and Adverse Events in Single Lumen versus Multi-lumen Catheter: A Single Center Experience Using MammoSite Balloon Catheter 5-Day Targeted Radiation TherapyMary Murray
335 Routine Overnight Admissions for Mastectomy Patients are Unnecessary: Contemporary Insights From a Patient-Centered Outcome StudyToan Nguyen
251Impact of ACOSOG Z0011 Study - How Many Axillary Lymph Node Dissection Can We Avoid?Rodrigo Oom
455Percutaneous Sentinel Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer: Results of a Phase I studySeyed Pairawan
453Shifting Paradigms in Breast Cancer Screening for Women Younger Than 45 yearsSeyed Pairawan
437Racial Disparities in Lumpectomy and Mastectomy Rates – Narrowing the Gap?Caitlin Patten
345Oncologic Outcomes Following Nipple Sparing MastectomyTiffany Pinchinat
208The Effect of MarginProbe in the Era of "No Ink on Tumor" Clear Margin DefinitionJames Pellicane
233Factors Associated With the Decision to Pursue Elective Surgery Among Women Enrolled in TBCRC013: A Prospective Registry of Surgery in Patients Presenting With Stage IV Breast CancerJennifer Plichta
296Feasibility of the LUM Imaging System for Real-Time, Intraoperative Detection of Residual Breast Cancer in Lumpectomy Cavity MarginsUpahvan Rai
237The Impact of Body Mass Index (BMI) on Satisfaction With Appearance and Preservation of the Breast’s Role in Intimacy Before and After Breast Cancer SurgeryKristin Rojas
359Calculation of Breast Volumes from Mammogram: Comparison of Four Separate Equations Relative to Mastectomy Specimen VolumesJack Rostas
328Clinical Utility of Axillary Ultrasound Before Surgery in Breast Cancer Patients With Biopsy Proven Node Positive Before Neoadjuvant Treatment.Isabel Rubio
443Local Recurrence After Breast Conserving Therapy: Single Center Study of Population With High Percentage of Bad Prognostic Factors.Mariam Salim
241Diagnostic Performance of Molecular Breast Imaging in Women With Complex Mammographic FindingsRobin Shermis
361Evaluation of Shaved Cavity Margins With Micro-Computed Tomography - A Novel Method for Predicting Lumpectomy Margin Status IntraoperativelyRong Tang
355Nipple Changes During and After Pregnancy in Women who Have Undergone Nipple Sparing MastectomyRong Tang
448Upper Extremity Port Placement is a Safe and Preferred Approach for Women With Breast Cancer: Patient Reported OutcomesAmy Voci
205How Reliably Does Magnetic Resonance Imaging Predict Pathologic Complete Response in the Breast and Axilla Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer?Joseph Weber
179Does Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Impact Systemic Therapy Recommendations ?Diana Dickson-Witmer
341Cost Analysis of a Surgical Margin Consensus Guideline in Breast-Conserving SurgeryJennifer Yu
358Risk Factors of Breast Cancer-Related LymphedemaMokhtar Abdulwahid
313Metaplastic Breast Cancer Has a Poor Response to Neoadjuvant Systemic TherapyZahraa Al-Hilli
402Management of Positive Margins in Elderly Women With Breast Cancer: Is Reoperation Necessary?Fernando Angarita
436A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Window of Opportunity Trial Evaluating Clinical Effects of High Dose Vitamin D in Patients With Breast CancerAngel Arnaout
400The Specimen Margin Assessment Technique (SMART) Trial: A Novel 3D Method of Identifying the Most Accurate Method of Breast Specimen OrientationAngel Arnaout
263Influence of the SSO/ASTRO Margin Reexcision Guidelines on Costs Associated With Breast Conserving SurgeryChristopher Baliski
413Disparities in Endocrine Risk Reduction for Young Adult Women With Lobular Carcinoma in SituBradley Bandera
432Outcomes in Patients With Small Node Negative Invasive Breast CancerJean Bao
420NAPBC Accreditation Demonstrates Increasing Compliance With Post-Mastectomy Radiation Therapy Quality Improvement MeasureElizabeth Berger
276Preventative Health Maintenance and Screening Adherence Amongst Breast Cancer SurvivorsLaura Bozzuto
279Use of Hydrogel Based Clip for Localization of Non-palpable, Ultrasound-visible Breast Lesions Reduces Need for Needle LocalizationMagdalene Brooke
416Cryoablation for Breast Cancers Less than 1.5 cm: An Early Update on the ICE 3 Trial Recruitment and Short Term Follow-upSarah Cate
414The Added Value of Radiology Reviews: Additional Cancers and Avoiding False PositivesSarah Cate
236Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) in Low Risk SettingsAnees Chagpar
231Should Repeat HER2 Testing be Done on the Surgical Specimen?Tiffany Chichester
244Reporting Guidelines Improve Information in Axillary Ultrasound ReportsTiffany Chichester
239The Effect of Marital Status on Breast Cancer Related Outcomes in Younger WomenJennifer Clancy
323Utility of Screening MRI in Women With a Personal History of Breast CancerAudree Condren
185Invasive Lobular Versus Invasive Ductal Carcinoma: Are They Different?Melanie Crutchfield
316A Multi-center Prospective Evaluation of a Radiofrequency Identification tag in the Localization of Nonpalpable Breast LesionsChristine Dauphine
314Outcomes After Oncoplastic Surgery in Breast Cancer Patients: A Systematic Literature ReviewLucy De La Cruz
387Low Upstage Rate of Imaging Detected Intraductal Papillomas Without Atypia May Not Necessitate Surgical ExcisionEmilia Diego
426Oncological and Surgical Outcomes after Nipple Sparing Mastectomy: Do Incisions Matter?Cory Donovan
418FEA on Core Needle Biopsy Does Not Always Mandate Excisional BiopsyCory Donovan
206The Effect of BMI on OR Utilization in Breast SurgeryJulie Dunderdale
223Excisional Biopsy by Seed Localization Decreases Amount of Excised Tissue Compared to Wire LocalizationClaire Edwards
160The Cost of Efficiency: Budget Impact Analysis of a Breast Rapid Diagnostic Unit Maryam Elmi
281STAT Reasons and Ordering Outcomes for Hereditary Breast Cancer Genetic TestingCaroline Elsas
221Improved Survival With Post-Mastectomy Radiation Therapy in Premenopausal Patients With T1-T2 Breast Cancer and 1-3 Positive Lymph NodesYijia Mu Emily Diego
171Complications in 640 Patients Treated With Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)Melinda Epstein
169640 Patients Treated With Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT): Initial ReportMelinda Epstein
363Institutional Experience of Applying ACOSOG Z0011 Criteria to Breast Cancer Patients Under-Represented in the ACOSOG Z0011 TrialDaniel Farrugia
320Who Bleeds after Breast Cancer Resection? A Contemporary Analysis of the ACS-NSQIP DatabaseAnn-Kristin Friedrich
379Clinical Presentation and Management Considerations for Breast Cancer Patients With Germline PALB2 MutationsJennifer Fulbright
305Acupuncture as Treatment for Flap/Nipple Ischemia Following Nipple Sparing Mastectomy.Jennifer Garreau
375A Cost-Effective Handheld Breast Scanner for Use in Low Resource Environments: A Validation Study.Rula Geha
298Does Exogenous Insulin Contribute to the Development of More Aggressive Subtypes of Breast Cancer?Victoria Gershuni
330Take it All! - The Decision to Pursue Bilateral Mastectomy for Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS)Katherine Glover-Collins
275Evaluation of Percutaneous Vacuum Assisted (VA) Intact Specimen Breast Biopsy Device for Ultrasound (U/S) Visualized Breast Lesions: Upstage Rates and Long Term Follow Up (F/U) for High Risk Lesions (HRL) and DCIS.Cathy Graham
396Symptomatic Axillary Seroma After Sentinel Node Biopsy: Incidence and TreatmentJinny Gunn
248SONIC-PBI – A Novel Protocol to Complete Breast Cancer Surgery and Radiation Within 10 DaysTina Hieken
264Influence of Patient, Disease, and Physician Related Factors on Reoperation Rates After Attempted Breast Conserving SurgeryLauren Hughes
183Does Axillary Nodal Metastasis Detected on Ultrasound Mandate Axillary Lymph Node Dissection?Rubie Sue Jackson
381Impact of Genetic Evaluation on Treatment Decisions in Early Stage Breast CancerMona Janfaza
425Predictors of Complete Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast CancerJeffrey Johnson
261 Prognostic Factor for Partial Responder and Validation of Tumor Response Ratio After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer PatientsSeung Pil Jung
343Trends in Autologous Breast Reconstruction: A National and Regional OverviewParisa Kamali
410The Rise and Fall of Breast Conserving Surgery in the United StatesOlga Kantor
211Intra-operative Margin Assessment in Wire-Localized Breast-conserving Surgery for Non-palpable Cancers: A Population-level Comparison of TechniquesAlison Laws
309Evaluation and Risk Assessment for Breast Cancer: An Integrated Health System ApproachRosemary Leeming
246Mammogram Detection is a Surrogate for Favorable Tumor Biology - Analysis and Outcomes of Mammogram Detected Breast Cancer in a Community SettingRobert Maganini
176Is Routine Axillary Imaging Necessary in Clinically Node-Negative Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy?Anita Mamtani
174Early-Stage Breast Cancer in the Octogenarian: Tumor Characteristics, Treatment Choices, and Clinical OutcomesAnita Mamtani
369Understanding Current Practices and Barriers to the Integration of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: A Canadian PerspectiveJessica Maxwell
334Pre-Operative Breast MRI Utilization After Implementation of a Care Path: Progressing Towards Value Based CareDevina McCray
262Overutilization of Axillary Surgery for Patients With Ductal Carcinoma in SituMegan Miller
356American Society of Breast Surgeons Nipple Sparing Mastectomy Registry Preliminary Oncologic OutcomeSunny Mitchell
377Does the High Axillary False Negative Sentinel Lymph Node Rate Reported in the Neoadjuvant Clinical Trials Translate into a High Axillary Local Recurrence Rate?Salvatore Nardello
255Utility of Clinical Breast Exams in Detecting Local-Regional Recurrence in Women With a Personal History of High-Risk Breast CancerHeather Neuman
378A Comparison of Selective Shaved Margins With Intraoperative Specimen Radiography and Routine Shaved Margins to Decrease Re-excision Rates in Patients With Clinically Occult Breast Cancer.Stefania Nolano
267The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolinian Breast Cancer Patients Seeking Financial Support for TreatmentSamilia Obeng-Gyasi
256Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) in Patients With Breast AugmentationColleen O'Kelly Priddy
441A New Era of Neoadjuvant Treatment With Pertuzumab: Should the 10-Lymph Node Guideline for Axillary Lymph Node Dissection in Breast Cancer be Revised?Michael O'Leary
362Criteria for the Clinical Use of Marginprobe in Breast Conserving SurgeryOded Olsha
152Hormone Receptor Profile Cannot Predict Upstage Risk of Atypical Ductal HyperplasiaTawakalitu Oseni
338Impact of Salvage Surgery on Survival in Stage IV Breast Cancer PatientsMuhammad Pirzada
278DCIS Among Males and Females: Are There Outcome Differences?Amy Polverini
366Patient Satisfaction, Oncologic Outcomes, and Complications Following Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy in the Radiated PatientLindsay Potdevin
193Margins in Lumpectomy. Transition From a Full Cavity Shave Approach to a Targeted Shaving Approach Using MarginprobeVincent Reid
340Factors Associated With Unplanned Re-operations Following Post-mastectomy Breast Reconstruction: A Population-Based studyAmanda Roberts
254Re-excision rates for breast conserving surgery less than 5% - how we do it?Catarina Rodrigues dos Santos
382Early Adoption of the SSO-ASTRO Consensus Guidelines on Margins for Breast-Conserving Surgery With Whole-Breast Irradiation in Stages I and II Invasive Breast Cancer: Initial ExperienceLaura Rosenberger
247Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Breast Cancer After NeoAdjuvant Chemotherapy:A Single Institution Experience.Walid Salamoun
210Replacing Open Surgical Lumpectomy With a Percutaneous Approach for Small Breast CancersSteven Schonholz
376Is Immunohistochemistry Necessary for Diagnosing Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis in Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer?Piyush Sharma
165A Novel Form of Breast Intraoperative Radiation Therapy With CT-guided HDR Brachytherapy: Results of a phase I trialShayna Showalter
287Immediate Reconstruction in Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Challenging Current CareAshley Simpson
299Piloting of Psychosocial Distress Monitoring in a Multidisciplinary Breast Center.Kristin Skinner
360Incidence Rate and Outcomes for Palpable Ductal Carcinoma In Situ in the Contemporary EraJulie Sprunt
172Age Under 40 Is a Predictor of Poor Breast Cancer OutcomeJulie Sprunt
274Diagnostic Dilemma of Pre-operative Differentiation of Fibroepithelial Lesions of the BreastHeather Stuart
428The Impact of Obesity on the Rate of Surgical Biopsy After Identification of a Mammographic AbnormalitySarah Tevis
217A Comparison of Interval Detected and Screening Detected Breast Cancer in a Community Breast CenterLiza Thalheimer
386MRI in Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Improves Preoperative Tumor Size Determination but Increases Mastectomy RateAnjali Thawani
336Primary Radiotherapy And DIEP [Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator] Flap Reconstruction (PRADA) Study: Findings From the Pilot StudyPaul Thiruchelvam
319Racial Differences in Utilization of Breast Conservation Surgery: Results from the National Cancer Database (NCDB)Princess Thomas
178Drain Care After Mastectomy: Practice Patterns Among Members of the American Society of Breast SurgeonsAlyssa Throckmorton
429Disease-free Survival Using Lymph Node Ratio Analysis After Neoadjuvant ChemotherapyJacqueline Tsai
312A Population-Based Study of the Effects of a Regional Guideline for Completion Axillary Node Dissection on Axillary Surgery in Patients With Breast CancerMiriam Tsao
295Clinical Benefit and Accuracy of Preoperative Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Breast CancerJennifer Tseng
197Process of Care in Breast Reconstruction and the Impact of a Dual-Trained SurgeonJonathan Unkart
187Comparison of Toxicity and Cosmesis Outcomes of Single Fraction and Hypofraction With Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Boost in Breast CancerLawrence Wagman
427Incidence in DCIS in Over 80 Population and Survival Benefits of TreatmentErin Ward
235The Level of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Immunoreactivity Correlates With Time to Disease Recurrence in Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer.Megan Winner
384Surgical Breast Cancer Care for Hispanic Patients who Travel to an Academic Cancer CenterRachel Yang