Breast Ultrasound Certification

Sample test Questions


Breast Ultrasound Examination
Sample Test Questions

Category: Anatomy

The hilum of a normal lymph node is usually

A. Hypoechoic
B. Hyperechoic
C. Isoechoic
D. Not visible sonographically

Category: Physics


A. Improves lateral resolution
B. Improves axial resolution
C. Increases beam width in the focal region
D. Shortens pulse length

Category: Anatomy


In the above breast ultrasound image, the arrow indicates:

A. Cooper's ligament
B. Breast parenchyma
C. A vessel or dilated lymphatic
D. Scanning artifact

Category: Scanning Techniques


When scanning the breast, the transducer may be moved in a direction parallel to the long axis of the foot plate. This "skiing" motion will cause the image of a lesion visualized in the breast to:

A. Appear and disappear at a given point on the screen.
B. Move from left to right or right to left across the screen at a constant depth.
C. Appear at a deep position on the screen and disappear at a superficial position on the screen.
D. Move diagonally across the screen.