2019 Dallas Meeting Masthead

Support Opportunities

*Please note: our Support Opportunities site is currently housed at www3.breastsurgeons.org. Contact Marti Boyer at mboyer@breastsurgeons.org for more information.

The ASBrS recognizes the essential role that healthcare companies play in helping the Society to maintain its focus on advancing the profession of breast surgery and improving the treatment and care that its members provide to patients with breast disease. The Society acknowledges that collaboration and partnership with industry is important and helps to develop best practices in breast surgery. Your participation as a supporter of the meeting helps to increase your visibility to Society members and keeps your company and products in front of physicians involved in patient care.

The following information outlines support opportunities related to the Society’s 20th Annual Meeting, April 30th–May 5, 2019, in Dallas, Texas. For 2019, the Society anticipates attracting more than 1,700 healthcare professionals, including physicians and other medical professionals with a dedicated interest in treating breast disease.

Acknowledgment of support typically includes:
  • Complimentary listing on the Society website
  • One priority point per $1000 in support – used to obtain premium booth space
  • Signage and other visuals at sponsored events
  • Acknowledgment in sponsored publications and meeting app
  • Listing in the Annual Meeting Program and other meeting materials