Please note BESAP I is no longer available for completion, review or to earn credit. BESAP II will be available for purchase on our website in June 2017. Please be sure to check back then.

We hope that you found BESAP I to be a rewarding experience that benefited both you and your practice. We look forward to offering you the same benefits with BESAP II and demonstrating the Society's commitment to providing resources that support quality patient care. Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you,
The American Society of Breast Surgeons

BESAP I Contributors

The Society would like to thank the following reviewers, editors, and authors for their contribution to BESAP I:

Walton Taylor, MDChair
BESAP Reviewer Board 
Thomas Frazier, MDReviewer
Thomas Gaskin, MDReviewer
Jennifer Gass, MDReviewer
Bruce Haffty, MDReviewer
Dennis Holmes, MDReviewer
Howard Snider, MDReviewer
Stephen Sener, MDReviewer
Eric Whitacre, MDReviewer
Victor Zannis, MDReviewer

BESAP I Editors and Authors

Advanced Imaging 
Sara Fredrickson, MDEditor
Scott Karlan, MDAuthor
Lorraine Tafra, MDAuthor
Carrie Thoms, MDAuthor
Anesthesia/Pain Management 
Micheal Berry, MDEditor
Christina Dial, MDAuthor
Benign Disease 
Jill Dietz, MDEditor
Gretchen Ahrendt, MDAuthor
Katherine Lee, MDAuthor
J. Jordi Rowe, MDAuthor
Tina Ruchalski, MDAuthor
Cancer Management 
Henry Kuerer, MD, PhDEditor
Catherine Akay, MDAuthor
Rosalinda Alvarado, MDAuthor
Gildy Babiera, MDAuthor
Dalliah Black, MDAuthor
Judy Boughey, MDAuthor
Abigail Caudle, MDAuthor
Anees Chagpar, MDAuthor
Laura Dominici, MDAuthor
Jacqueline Jeruss, MDAuthor
Nazanin Khakpour, MDAuthor
Julie Lang, MDAuthor
Roshni Roa, MDAuthor
Robert Roses, MDAuthor
Tina Yen, MDAuthor
Marilyn Leitch, MDEditor
John Bagwell, MDAuthor
Barbara Haley, MDAuthor
Ruben Saez, MDAuthor
Clinical Trials 
Thomas Julian, MDEditor
Shivani Dug, MDAuthor
Core Measures 
Robert Buras, MDEditor
Meghan Milburn, MDAuthor
Ethics, Professionalism, Medical/Legal 
Dan Kopen, MDEditor
Paul Baron, MDAuthor
Mitch Dean, JDAuthor
R. Keith Duggar, JDAuthor
Nathalie Johnson, MDAuthor
Scott Karlan, MDAuthor
Paige Kessman, JDAuthor
Amanda Kong, MDAuthor
Scott Kurtzman, MDAuthor
James Stewart, JDAuthor
Alyssa Throckmorton, MDAuthor
Barbara Ward, MDAuthor
Mammogram and Ultrasound 
Dan Kopen, MDEditor
Scott Karlan, MDAuthor
Elsie Levin, MDAuthor
Edgar Staren, MD, PhDAuthor
Carrie Thoms, MDAuthor
Dariush Vaziri, MDAuthor
Pat Whitworth, MDEditor
Steven Kronowitz, MDAuthor
Albert Losken, MDAuthor
Melvin Silverstein, MDAuthor
Alan Stolier, MDAuthor
Palliative Care 
Jerrod LiveoakEditor
Rakshanda Rahman, MDEditor
Arthur Lerner, MDAuthor
Radiation Therapy 
Peter Beitsch, MDEditor
Stephani Akbari, MDAuthor
Doug Arthur, MDAuthor
Susan Hoover, MDAuthor
Risk Assessment 
Kevin Hughes, MDEditor
David Euhus, MDAuthor
Larry Geier, MD, MBAAuthor
Constance Roche, NPAuthor
Hiram Cody, III, MDEditor
Judy Boughey, MDAuthor
Amy Degnim, MDAuthor
Frederick Dirbas, MDAuthor
Mehra Golshan, MDAuthor
Paul Tartter, MDAuthor
Michael Berry, MDEditor
Beth DuPree, MDAuthor
Susan Hoover, MDAuthor
Michael Kinney, MDAuthor
Philip Ley, MDAuthor
Anneke Schroen, MDAuthor
Lillie Shockney, RNAuthor


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