Mastery of Breast Surgery℠ Program

Risk Assessment Module

The RISK ASSESSMENT MODULE, located on the Mastery of Breast Surgery website, allows access to a variety of standard risk calculations and a method to record and document those values. This program is free to ASBrS members but requires the creation of a Mastery Account. The risk assessment tool requires patient information including family history and risk factors (see images below).  The final risk assessment summary includes results for risk of mutation and risk of breast and ovarian cancer using 5 risk models. In addition, a three-generation pedigree is also provided that can be printed and placed in the patient's chart to facilitate discussion of additional testing or imaging.

ASBrS Members can access the risk module and the risk webinar by clicking on the links below (login required).

risk entry page

Family History (enter up to 20 relatives)

risk factor entry page

Risk Factors

risk results page


risk pedigree page

Pedigree (three-generation)