Study Submission

Overall Guidelines for Survey and Research Proposals:

  • The study submission form and an abstract are required for all surveys and research proposals.
  • Fees: A $50 non-refundable application fee is required upon submission.
  • As a part of the review process, the submitter may be helped by the Research Committee or other members of the ASBrS leadership to improve the survey as time allows.
  • The data will be the property of the ASBrS but will be transmitted to the requesting member who will have 1 year to analyze the information and prepare any publications.  A courtesy copy of your manuscript submission to a peer reviewed journal is required. 
  • Results from the survey or research proposal must be submitted to the research committee.  If the data will be presented and/or published. You must provide information on where it will be presented and/or published.
  • After 1 year the data will become available to members of the Society for analysis and publication.
  • The Research Committee or other resources of the Society may or may not be available to assist with data analysis depending on complexity and cost.

For Survey Proposals:

  • The final draft of the survey must be included in your submission proposal.
  • Survey validation or beta testing of the target group is required before submitting your proposal.
  • Surveys will be reviewed in October and at the ASBrS annual meeting in the spring.
  • Preferential treatment will be given to members of the Society and surveys will be ranked in numerical order.
  • Surveys will be rolled out sequentially by ranking with no more than 1 distributed every 3 months. 
  • A $500 survey distribution fee must be submitted if your survey is approved.
  • The survey will be distributed by the ASBrS with the ASBrS e-mail logo, and the ASBrS will collect the data. The survey e-mail, in addition to the survey itself, will be subject to approval by the Board.

For Mastery Research Proposals:

  • All Mastery research proposals will be reviewed by the Research Committee as time permits. 
  • If submitting a research proposal that involves mining the Mastery of Breast Surgery database, members must have a Waiver of Authorization (permission to proceed with a retrospective study using de-identified patient data) from an IRB, typically that of the investigator's home institution. Obtaining IRB authorization is the responsibility of the investigator.
  • A data use agreement is required.