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Industry Events at #ASBRS23

The American Society of Breast Surgeons is pleased to offer industry-supported symposia throughout the Annual Meeting. These events are supported by companies through marketing grants and are not part of the official ASBrS program. Symposia are free to all registered attendees.

Wednesday Evening

Exact Sciences

April 26, 7:00–8:30 PM ET

Hynes Convention Center, Room 306

Current Controversies in the Care of Patients With Hormone Receptor-Positive, HER2-Negative Early Breast Cancer in the Era of Genomics

Program Objectives
  • Review the wealth of data on the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test in pre- and postmenopausal patients
  • Interrogate current controversies at the intersection of genomic testing with patient menopausal status, local regional recurrence, and clinicopathologic features
  • Discuss how guidelines have been informed by TAILORx and RxPONDER trials
  • Tari King, MD, Chief, Breast Surgery, Dana Farber/Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Christy Russell, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Exact Sciences
  • Jennifer Racz, MD, Director, Medical Affairs, Oncology, Exact Sciences
For More Information
Contact Zane Johann, zjohann@exactsciences.com. Dinner will be served.
Wednesday Evening


April 26, 7:00–8:30 PM ET

Hynes Convention Center, Room 304

Safely Pushing the Envelope With Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Program Objectives

Please join Dr. Beth DuPree & Dr. William Scarlett for an educational dinner symposium on pushing the limit with patient selection and techniques for nipple sparing mastectomies. During this program, our faculty will discuss the previously radiated patient, address the ptotic breast and touch on nerve grafting, while maintaining safety as our priority. We highly encourage audience participation, discussion, and questions at the end.

  • Dr. Beth DuPree
  • Dr. William Scarlett
For More Information
Contact Kirsten Gonya, kirsten.m.gonya@medtronic.com.
Thursday Evening


April 27, 5:30–7:30 PM ET

Hynes Convention Center, Exhibit Hall D

An MDT Perspective: Exploring the Integration and Impact of Germline BRCA Mutation Testing in Surgical Management of Early Breast Cancer


During this program, a multidisciplinary panel of experts will discuss the role and importance of surgeons in genetic testing in early breast cancer.

Topics will include key characteristics and unmet needs of patients with germline BRCA mutations (gBRCAm), collaborating with the multidisciplinary team to integrate genetic testing in practice, genetic counseling considerations and how gBRCAm testing may inform clinical decisions.

Program Objectives
  • Discuss the need for individualized care plans for patients with gBRCAm breast cancer due to differences in underlying tumour biology vs. non-gBRCAm patients
  • Discuss the surgical and treatment implications for patients with gBRCAm eBC
  • Explore the role and importance of surgeons within the BRCA testing pathway
Friday Breakfast

Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Montefiore Medical Center

April 28, 6:15–7:45 AM ET

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Constitution Ballroom B

Regional Blocks for Enhanced Recovery and Opioid Minimalization in Breast Surgery: A Practical Infiltration Workshop for Surgeons and Anesthesiologists


In this interactive hands-on workshop, participants will learn about optimizing analgesia during breast procedures with a focus on ultrasound-guided pectoralis (PECS) blocks, serratus plane blocks, and erector spinae plane (ESP) blocks. Participants will learn the indications, benefits, technical tips and evidence supporting the performance of these analgesic techniques.

Program Objectives
  • Explain the rationale for optimizing pain control patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer, and the impact of uncontrolled postoperative pain
  • Define the goals of multimodal analgesia and the relative value of techniques that employ local anesthetics
  • Discuss the benefits of opioid-sparing treatment regimens in the care of patients experiencing post-surgical pain
  • Apply best practices pertaining to the administration of local anesthetics during breast cancer surgery by both the surgeon and anesthesiologist
For More Information
Contact Stacy Atkinson, statkins@montefiore.org, 718-920-6674.
Friday Breakfast

Merit Oncology

April 28, 6:15–7:45 AM ET

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Republic Ballroom

Disruptive Innovation: Harness the Power of Radar

SCOUT® Radar localization exclusively spans the care continuum from time of biopsy placement to targeted axillary dissection to excellent surgical outcomes. Discover the state-of-the art localization techniques practiced by key opinion leaders from around the country. Learn how recent product innovations enable placing SCOUT under MRI guidance, future platform enhancements and the clinical and economic rationale for placing SCOUT at Time of Biopsy, providing a better patient experience, and streamlining workflow.
Friday Breakfast

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI

April 28, 6:15–7:45 AM ET

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Back Bay Ballroom C

Act in the Moment: OCT adds real-time clarity on margin status


Join us for breakfast and an educational session on how Perimeter’s margin visualization technology gives breast surgeons the insights they need to act in the moment. Moderated by Dr. Beth DuPree, Dr. Beth Anglin and Dr. Michele Carpenter will present on how they are using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) in their ORs to help personalize clinical decisions for each patient at the point of care.

Presentation Highlights
  • How the Perimeter S-Series OCT provides high-resolution, intraoperative imaging at 10x the resolution of X-ray at 2mm depth to visualize microscopic features associated with cellular-level disease
  • Lumpectomy case reviews will show how OCT aids real-time clinical decisions and correlates with post-op pathology
  • Ask your questions during a panel discussion and Q&A
  • Beth Anglin, MD, FACS
  • Michele Carpenter, MD, FACS
  • Beth DuPree, MD, FACS, ABOIM (Moderator)
For More Information

Contact Abbie Adams, aadams@perimetermed.com, or visit booth #923.

Indications for Use: The S-Series OCT device is indicated for use as an imaging tool in the evaluation of excised human tissue microstructure by providing two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time depth visualization, with image review manipulation software for identifying and annotating regions of interest. This device has a general indication and is not specifically indicated for use in any tissue type.
Friday Breakfast

World Class CME

April 28, 6:15–7:45 AM ET

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Constitution Ballroom A

The Evolution of Localization: A Surgical Perspective


Localization technology continues to evolve. Hear comparisons among localization options, from wire-based to wire-free guidance, including the impacts of these options on the patient experience, and on workflow and scheduling optimization for both the OR and radiology. Join Dr. Valerie Gorman as she shares her perspective and experiences through an in-depth review of clinical cases.

Program Objectives
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wire vs wire-free breast tumor localization for surgical guidance
  • Describe techniques for wire-free localization in the breast
  • Explain the use of wire-free localization and neoadjuvant treatment
  • Understand the impact of wire-free localization on oncoplastic breast surgery techniques
For More Information

Contact customer support at World Class CME, office@worldclasscme.com, 980-819-5095.

This World Class CME event is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Hologic, Inc.
Friday Evening

Clarix Imaging

April 28, 7:30–9:30 PM ET

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Back Bay Ballroom C&D

True 3D (CT) Breast Specimen Imaging Enabled by Volumetric Specimen Imaging (VSI)


Volumetric Specimen Imaging (VSI) is a novel intraoperative technology for high-resolution true 3D imaging of surgical specimens. Compared to 2D specimen radiography and tomosynthesis, VSI generates a fully 3D image in real-time, allowing for multiplanar (MPR) viewing as well as advanced volume rendering visualization by surgeons. VSI offers the highest clarity thin slice cross-sectional images available which eliminate overlapping effects thereby elucidating subtle masses and micro-calcifications; this is especially beneficial for occult lesions and cases with dense breast tissue.

Program Objectives

Surgeons share their experience using the Clarix Imaging Volumetric Specimen Imaging (VSI) system with an opportunity for attendees to interact with the system. Clarix Imaging will also present the most recently published clinical trials results comparing the 3D images generated by VSI to post-surgical pathology results.

For More Information
Contact Jason.Dyer@clariximaging.com, 919-906-3452.
Friday Evening


April 28, 7:30–9:30 PM ET

Sheraton Boston Hotel, Constitution Ballroom

Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Surgery


Join your colleagues for a special dinner Friday evening! See how surgeons around the world are using a single platform to achieve optimal clinical results while tailoring treatments for their patients. Enjoy hands-on experience with devices from biopsy to surgery and see what new technologies are on the horizon.

Reception & Dinner 7:30 PM
Following Poster Presentation

  • Michael Alvarado, MD, University of California San Francisco
  • Kandace P. McGuire, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Eirini Pantiora, MD, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
  • Rhiana Menen, MD, St. Luke’s, Idaho
  • Evidence-Based Decisions: What Will You Decide?
  • Changing the Standard: The Evolution of Magtrace®
  • Clinical Roundup: Thinking Global
  • Ready, Set, Action! The Future of Magnetic Localization
For More Information
Contact Nikki Irwin, nikki.irwin@mammotome.com, 513-806-3053.