COVID-19 Registry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, breast surgeons are modifying their practices to maximize the care and safety of staff and patients. To study these changes, we have developed a COVID-19 specific registry within the ASBrS Mastery of Breast Surgery® Program. We've created a new, short data entry process for patients treated during this COVID-19 era. Mastery is a members-only HIPAA compliant program that can capture patient specific data.

Simple Steps to Join Mastery & Participate

  1. Upon requesting your account, please allow for up to 24 hours to receive your welcome email. This welcome email will contain your credentials for logging into
  2. The Mastery program will walk first-time users through the License and Business Agreements.
  3. Enter each new patient in the “add patient” section (<1 min).
  4. Fill in the 20 question COVID-19 section for each patient (takes 1-3 mins per patient). Participants will first be prompted to complete a brief 1-time-only demographic survey with COVID specific questions.

As a participant in Mastery, you also have access to many personal reports that track your outcomes and practice patterns. If you already participate in Mastery, you can continue to input your patient data as you have done and add a few COVID-19 specific questions for each patient and the data will be linked. Your input of consecutive patients managed during the COVID-19 pandemic will be crucial towards understanding how this pandemic affected our cancer patients.