New Addition to Online Video Library

The ASBrS recently launched an Industry-Supported Procedural section of its online video library. In addition to the members-only videos, ASBrS now has a section in the library that is open to the public. The purpose of this section is to act as an educational resource for general surgeons who perform a limited number of breast surgeries and seek to improve their technical understanding of specific breast surgery procedures. Our first posted video demonstrates Wise Pattern Oncoplastic Lumpectomy using PlasmaBlade™ X Technology.

ASBrS would like to invite industry to submit videos to include in this open section of the video library. Videos must follow these guidelines:

  1. Content must be non-branded and educational.
  2. Videos must demonstrate procedure(s).
  3. Videos may be original or re-edited.
  4. Video length should be no more than 8 minutes.
  5. All videos must be reviewed and approved before posting.
  6. All videos will remain on the online library for 3 years. Videos may be replaced if procedure requirements are updated.

If you would like more information or are interested in posting a procedural video, please contact Marti Boyer,, or Jane Conway,

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