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Consensus Guideline on Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast Cancer (pdf)

The Society Releases New Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Guidelines
2019-02-14 - The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) recently announced new genetic testing guidelines  for hereditary breast cancer, calling for genetic testing to be available to all patients diagnosed with breast cancer. These new recommendations expand on common restrictions which recommend testing only f...

High-Risk and Genetic Predisposition
Moderator: David Euhus, MD • Tools of Genetic Risk Assessment Ava Kwong, MD, PhD • Non-genetic Breast Cancer Risk Factors Virginia Herrmann, MD • BRCA and Beyond Mark Robson, MD • Prophylactic Surgeries and Appropriate Timing for Genetic Carriers Mary Gemignani, MD • The Challenge of the VUS Joy ...

ASBrS 2019 Industry Symposia Content
Industry-supported symposia, which are made possible through marketing support, are offered each year during the annual meeting. The Society would like to give members and attendees who might not have been able to attend the symposia in Dallas access to the program content. Below are links that will take in...

Advances in Genetics, Genomics, and Treatment
Moderator: Lee Wilke, MD • Neoadjuvant Trials in Breast Cancer: Role in Clinical Development & Discovery of Mechanisms of Drug Resistance: Carlos Arteaga, MD • Genomics for the Surgeon: Emiel Rutgers, MD; Pat Whitworth, MD • Genetic Testing Today: David Euhus, MD • Q&A

Pre-Meeting Courses
Moderators: Jennifer Gass, MD, and Juliann Reiland, MD

Scientific Oral Presentations I
Moderators: Judy Boughey, MD; Mahmoud El-Tamer, MD • Lymph Node Status Does Not Predict Tumor Biology Danielle Bello, MD • Local Recurrence Rates After Breast Conserving Therapy in Patients Receiving Modern Era Therapy Heather Neuman, MD • Chronic Pain After Breast Surgery: A Prospective Observationa...

Clinical Controversies
Moderator: Barbara Pockaj, MD • Welcome and Introduction Barbara Pockaj, MD Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Is the Standard of Care • Yes Terry Mamounas, MD • No Monica Morrow, MD Contemporary Challenges in Genetic Testing • Perspective From a Breast Surgeon Pat Whitworth, MD • Perspective From a Geneti...

Official Statements
The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) develops statements, guidelines, and quality measures for our members.

New Perspectives on Old Problems
Moderator: Ronda Henry-Tillman, MD • What is the Role of Breast Conserving Surgery for Multicentric Breast Cancer? Lee Wilke, MD • In-breast Tumor Recurrences: When is Repeat Lumpectomy Appropriate? Stephen Grobmyer, MD • Should all Breast Cancer Patients Undergo Genetic Testing? David Euhus, MD • ...